How Automated Technology is Already Enhancing Revenue Cycle Management

Automation Technology enhance revenue cycle management Automated technology has been changing healthcare for decades. In the last year, we’ve seen automation affect revenue cycle management in significant ways.  Automated technology isn’t going away. Your competitors are already automating processes you didn’t know you could automate. If you aren’t continuously searching for new things to automate, you risk falling behind.  How can automated technology enhance revenue cycle management? Which automated technologies are your competitors using for RCM? Keep reading to find out.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Can Automate Repeatable Processes  As Revcycle explains, robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the biggest areas of growth for automation in revenue cycle management – and healthcare overall.  RPA is the use of specialized […]

How to Improve Customer Service to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

Customer Service to optimize revenue cycle management Patient care is crucial for healthcare organizations. It starts with good customer service.   Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations ignore patient care. They focus on optimizing other areas of their organization instead of customer service.  That’s a mistake. According to a 2021 Top Health Industry Issues report, patients are twice as likely to choose or reject a doctor based on staff friendliness and attitude.   Meanwhile, a July 2020 study found a positive correlation between patient care and patient outcomes. Patients who had a good customer service experience with a healthcare organization were more likely to experience better clinical outcomes. They were more likely to follow recommendations and check up with the doctor, […]

Stop Ignoring Customer Service: 4 Reasons to Improve Customer Service for Revenue Cycle Optimization

Customer Service for Revenue Cycle Optimization Revenue cycle optimization improves efficiency at every level of your organization. However, revenue cycle optimization often ignores a crucial aspect of your organization: customer service.  Customer service isn’t just about greeting patients with a smile or having good follow-up care. By focusing on customer service, you can increase patient retention, improve clinical outcomes, and ultimately increase revenue.  Customer service is overlooked in revenue cycle optimization – but it shouldn’t be. Today, we’re highlighting some of the best reasons to improve customer service for revenue cycle optimization.   1) Many Revenue Cycle Problems Are Linked to Customer Service  Poor customer service impacts your bottom line. In fact, […]

How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Can Optimize Your Healthcare Organization

Robotic process automation (RPA) in Revenue Cycle Management Robotic Process Automation has been one of the biggest buzzwords in revenue cycle management in recent years.    RCM optimization consultants love to talk about automation and artificial intelligence. However, it can be difficult to know how to best implement automation in your organization.   Robot process automation (RPA) is one area of automation where growth has surged – especially in revenue cycle management and healthcare.  What is robotic process automation? How does RPA work? Find out everything you need to know about the benefits, use cases, and downsides of robotic process automation today.  What is Robotic Process Automation?  Robotic process automation is a fancy way of saying “we make a robot do a job […]

How to Intelligently Invest in Automation for Revenue Cycle Management: 5 Strategies

Automation for Revenue Cycle Management Revenue cycle management optimization companies have been talking about automation for years.   Automation is not a secret, yet many organizations are not investing in automation in the right way.   A strategic approach to investing can work wonders for your organization. Instead of shoehorning robotic process automation (RPA) into fields where it doesn’t fit, you can target the best opportunities for automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and RPA.  How should your organization intelligently invest in automation for revenue cycle management? Here are some of the strategies organizations are using to maximize their success.  Identify High-Value Opportunities  It’s a basic rule of business to identify the highest-value opportunities, then exploit those […]

How to Create Patient-Friendly Billing Standards for Better Revenue Cycle Optimization

Patient-Friendly Billing Standards Healthcare organizations are facing more competition than ever. If your organization does not have patient-friendly billing, then you could be pushing patients to competitors.   Adopting patient-friendly billing may be easier than you think. By implementing patient-friendly billing standards today, you can create better patient outcomes, customer service, and revenue cycle optimization.  Keep reading to discover some of the best and most proven strategies for creating patient-friendly billing standards.  Analyze Patient Billing Data to Identify Problem Areas  Your patient billing system may already be good – but there is always room for improvement.   Analyze patient billing data to identify problem areas. Check metrics to make sure you understand how patients are managing your billing […]

Best Digital Healthcare Strategies to Optimize Revenue

Digital healthcare and telehealth are at the top pf the list of healthcare trends in 2021.  Leading healthcare organizations have invested significantly in digital healthcare, expanding services and optimizing patient outcomes.  Other healthcare organizations are already falling behind. Since digital healthcare isn’t going away any time soon, that’s a problem.  Today, we’re highlighting some of the best digital healthcare strategies you can use to optimize revenue.  Revenue Optimization Strategy #1) Embrace Cloud Infrastructure   Cloud infrastructure is an investment that has quickly paid dividends for healthcare organizations across the country.  In the last year, cloud infrastructure has allowed providers to rapidly deploy field hospitals, providing services wherever those services can safely be […]

How Lean Six Sigma Works in Healthcare: Should Your Organization Implement Lean Six Sigma Strategies to Improve Patient Safety?

Lean Six Sigma is a business optimization method that focuses on eliminating defects.   In healthcare, defects can be the difference between life and death. That’s why many healthcare organizations have implemented Lean Six Sigma principles.  When properly implemented, Lean Six Sigma optimizes every stage of patient care – from revenue cycles to patient outcomes.   Today, we’re explaining how Lean Six Sigma works in healthcare – and how it can help your organization eliminate defects.   What is Lean Six Sigma?   Lean Six Sigma is a method that emphasizes a collaborative team effort for improving performance and reducing inefficiencies.  The method is based on lean manufacturing techniques. If you’re familiar with lean healthcare practices, then Lean Six Sigma may […]

Top 9 Telehealth Trends for 2021

Telehealth isn’t going away any time soon.   Telehealth was surging before the pandemic – and the pandemic pushed telehealth to new levels.   As telehealth rises in popularity, organizations are implementing telehealth in different ways. Some are investing billions into telehealth. Others are getting left behind.  Today, we’re highlighting the most important telehealth trends for 2021, including some of the rising and falling movements we’ve seen from telehealth in recent months.  1) A Growing Emphasis on Preventative Health for Patients and Families  The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of family health. Moving forward, we’re seeing families put a renewed emphasis on protecting themselves and their loved ones.  As the dust settles on the COVID-19 pandemic, families want to prepare […]

Top 6 Strategies Healthcare Organizations Are Using to Maximize Revenue in 2021

Healthcare Organization can maximize revenue using Strategies Firms It’s been challenging for some healthcare organizations to keep up. However, by implementing certain strategies today, your healthcare organization can maximize revenue in 2021 and beyond.  How are today’s top organizations optimizing revenue? Today, we’re highlighting some of the strategies firms are using to get ahead.  Securing Domestic Manufacturing of Medicine, Supplies, and Equipment  The COVID-19 pandemic showed how fragile international supply lines can be. As the COVID-19 pandemic surged, countries with domestic medical manufacturing facilities reigned supreme.  Countries that had traditionally relied on China for PPE, for example, were suddenly unable to procure necessary amounts of equipment. Others struggled with drug supply […]