• About Us

Since 1989 HMI Corporation, a subsidiary of Healthcare Provider Services has been assisting acute care hospitals, teaching hospitals, critical access hospitals, long term care hospitals, nursing homes, home health facilities, skilled nursing facilities, ambulance service providers, and physician groups with clinical reimbursement through accurate coding and billing for all financial classes as well as maintaining compliance with Federal payors.

HMI’s consultants perform compliance, billing and coding medical record reviews, and other revenue improvement services. HMI also provides physician education to strengthen the medical staff’s documentation, and E/M coding for compliance to improve reimbursement. HMI offers a full-service program to assist Providers in positioning themselves to meet federal compliance guidelines, with an emphasis on PPS reimbursement. This process also includes inpatient and outpatient medical record and claim reviews, on-going chargemaster maintenance, and on-site education/training of clinical staff and physicians. Our 24 year success has been primarily founded on facilitating quality consulting services, on-going accountability through management plan objectives, and a guaranteed service based on an ability to deliver results.

  • Mission, Vision & Value

HMI is committed to providing healthcare providers with the means and resources available to better understand their roles for maintaining compliance with federal and state agencies while continuing to provide quality care to their communities.

HMI’s goal is to assist healthcare providers in maintaining their database to accurately profile coding of services for future payment through Medicare Prospective Payment Systems or cost-based payment methodology, managed care, and other third-party reimbursement.

The unique strength of HMI is the ongoing relationship with our clients to ensure the accuracy of implementing our recommendations. This also ensures our “accountability” for all compliance updates. Once the system is in place and we transfer the tools for ongoing maintenance to the provider, our hands-on role is concluded. We then review the system periodically and provide support and resources as needed.

Distinguishing Features
HMI provides a personalized management approach, concentrating professional talent in the areas where it is most needed while working with the client’s staff to meet current and future challenges. HMI believes that our experience, philosophy and operating approach will assist the client in continuing to evolve into a totally integrated healthcare system.