Coding and Billing Helpline

Coding and Billing Helpline

Objective: To provide a helpline resource for the provider community to address coding and billing questions that may arise during day-to-day operations. HMI will answer questions using the most current coding guidelines and published CMS billing guidance.

Resource: Our consultant specialists will be available to answer questions via an e-mail service related, but not limited to the following:

  • Chargemaster
  • CPT©/HCPCS/UB revenue codes
  • Modifier application
  • OPPS billing
  • CCI /MUE / Device and Procedure Edits
  • Medical necessity
  • Physician E/M billing

The current guidance utilized by HMI to respond to questions will be communicated via e-mail. This allows the individual to have access to these resources for future reference on related issues.

Warranty: Every effort will be made to respond to questions within a to 72 hour period and ensure the accuracy of the helpline responses. HMI’s helpline responses will be supported by the most current CMS guidelines available. HMI’s interpretation of the CMS guidelines may not always agree with the Client’s local MAC. When HMI has direct access to the MAC Part A or Part B guidelines, we will provide the most straightforward response available.

It is the client’s sole discretion to apply current guidelines to its coding and billing practices based on the information provided. HMI Provides Helpline Services for Medical Billing and Coding Online.