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Top 5 Ways a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting Service Can Boost your Bottom Line

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting Services Today’s leading healthcare organizations rely on healthcare revenue cycle consulting services to be successful. How can a consulting service like HMI Corp boost your organization’s bottom line? Today, we’re highlighting some of the ways healthcare consulting services can enhance your organization’s revenue. Intelligent Security Auditing The security of a healthcare organization is paramount. Security audits can identify weaknesses within all aspects of an organization’s operations. A security audit can identify problems with premises security, for example, and the ways in which malicious individuals might attempt to access facilities. Or, the audit could identify digital security issues, including how the employees respond to phishing attempts. Without […]

Unique Strategies Today’s Top Medical Organizations Use to Maximize Revenue

Medical Organizations Use to Maximize Revenue Using Revenue Cycle Management Consulting Services Smart medical organizations do everything in their power to maximize revenue – from implementing new technologies to minimizing unnecessary costs. Today, we’re highlighting some of the unique strategies America’s top healthcare organizations are using to maximize revenue. They Get E/M Coding Right The evaluation and management (E/M) patient visit is a crucial part of any healthcare organization. Good healthcare organizations can maximize revenue by understanding how to properly document and code E/M patient visits. Proper documentation and coding does more than just boost revenue; it also reduces the stress of audits and boosts the efficiency of staff. A […]