Inpatient Rehabilitation (IRF) Revenue Cycle Maintenance Program -old

Developed to provide Client with an on-going program that includes all areas of the revenue cycle. Includes a review of all inpatient services, outpatient/ancillary services, and clinic services for compliance with the CMS Prospective Payment System, cost-based payment methodology systems and other third party reimbursement system. We also provide continuing education for staff and physicians on-site at the facility.

The scope of the engagement may include monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly on-site services with our consultant specialist who will provide technical expertise to include:

Comprehensive chargemaster departmental reviews
Charge screens/order entry reviews corresponding to CDM maintenance
Reviews and updates for department charging tools
Bill audits for inpatient and outpatient services
Medical record reviews for inpatient and outpatient services
Continuing education for hospital staff and physicians
Implementation and quantification of recommendations
Full service physician management services
Program includes: on-site specialist expertise, management plan developed with assistance of hospital staff outlining the program goals, monthly on-site visits, comprehensive entrance and exit meetings with senior management, and detailed monthly written reports of findings and recommendations along with documentation sources.

Value Added Benefits for this Service:

Comprehensive CDM Update
Thorough revenue cycle review
More knowledgeable staff and physicians
Quantifiable Results
Added Feature:

Coding and Billing Helpline provided at no additional cost during the term of the contract. Client’s staff may take advantage of this helpful service to communicate directly with their on-site consultant specialist when billing and coding questions arise from daily operations.