Chargemaster Training Program – old

HMI will provide Client with an on-site chargemaster (CDM) training program to train department managers to recognize the impact of the CDM in daily operations from decision support to patient accounting and how to maintain a correct, complete, and compliant CDM.

HMI provides a CDM training program based on core selection of the Client. Program content may include any or all of the following:

Introduction & Chargemaster Maintenance
Chargemaster Team
Chargemaster Compliance
Summary of CPT-4 / HCPCS Level II Changes
APC Basics
Outpatient Code Editor
Department Specific Chargemaster Issues
Chargemaster and APCs
Modifiers and Chargemaster
Medical and Procedure APCs
Ancillary APCs Maintenance Strategies
Classifications of Supplies
Impact of Billing Supplies vs. Reimbursement
Importance of Coding Accuracy
Understanding Pharmacy Billing under APCs
Audit Process and Data Quality
Achieving Compliance and a Revenue Neutral Status
Reassign Revenue
Why should you take advantage of this training program?

HMI’s chargemaster specialists offer expert knowledge in updating and maintaining chargemaster data. Our CDM training programs are formatted to fit your exact needs. During HMI’s on-site training, your staff will utilize their own CDM data as they learn the keys to a correct, complete, and compliant CDM.

Value added benefits:

On-site training program
More knowledgeable staff
Added Feature:

Coding and Billing Helpline provided at no additional cost during the term of the contract. Client’s staff may take advantage of this helpful service to communicate directly with their on-site consultant specialist when billing and coding questions arise from daily operations.